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*Figuring Out a Book Title and Subtitle*

During my writing of “My Motivation,” I knew the name and title before the ink dried on the paper. My MANTRA was my motivation, it was obvious what the name would be! Fast forward; I have had people complain, eyes roll, and nose rise so far in the air that you can see their brain (exaggeration). When they hear that I named, not to mention kept the title “My Motivation” for my book. Hey, it’s my work, time, effort, and most importantly the name is me!

Don’t get me wrong; I have learned that a good, coordinated book title and subtitle can help a book generate sales, reviews, and improve its rankings among other books. However; I still will name my books with titles and subtitles that come to me. That I see fit, not someone else! Plus, when I choose a book to read, it’s because of the description provided on the back or inside the jacket. The title is one of the last things; I use to choose, a book to read!

My next book will have a title and a subtitle listed…working on it. The follow-up to Mo is called Dedication, yes, that name came to me as well! I have just finished the first draft; I did take the time to think of a subtitle. I have to admit, though, that I am up in the air about it. As Dedication goes through rewrites, I will review the subtitle and ask the opinion of everyone.


How far would you go or How much can one take

Book two of the “My Motivation” Series

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