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This short story is a dream that I had. At this time, I don't have plans to turn it into a book. So; I decided to share it with my audience as is. It has not been edited. As they say "as is," that is exactly what this little short story is.

Tell me what you think? Do you write down your dreams? I have always wondered what my dreams mean, if you can figure this one out let me know. Let's have some fun.

Happy Reading... I wrote this at 2 am using the memo app on my phone.

What A Dream A Short Story BY Kim L. Walton

“What did she do now,” I asked myself as my roommate, best friend, and sister in spirit speeded along the highway at speeds clocking one hundred miles an hour; trying to avoid the cops behind us giving chase.

As we come to a railroad crossing, ‘best friend’ yells, “bail.”

“What?” I asked confused; wondering if I’m about to die today.

“Bailout the damn car,” did she mean jump and with that she was out the car. The car door is wide open, and no one is at the wheel. Opening my door, I bail. The car goes over the tracks out of control; it wasn’t the only thing out of control. I rolled so hard and fast I smacked my head on a railroad track. Thank god my head is hard.

Scene Two

We make our way home, bruised, and battered from our ordeal. A few doors from our place I see the same detective that was chasing us, standing on the steps to our apartment building. “I will not go to jail for something I didn’t do,” I said to her pissed, that best friend got me in something again.

I leave her ass standing on the sidewalk asking the air beside her, “what we going to do?”

As I crossed, to the other side of the street. I pull my hoodie over my head and around my face. I hurried, but I don’t run. I don’t run, even when I hear them yell, and chase after ‘best friend’ on foot.

I don’t want to draw any attention to myself. Peeping over my shoulder hoping the coast is clear. I see that dang blasted detective following behind me. Looking up at the sky, I had to ask her, “why me Lord?” No answer; I guess she said you got yourself into this now get yourself out. “But I don’t know what this is?” I said looking up and shaking my head at the sky.

I see the entrance to the park up ahead. In quick steps, I make my way inside and realize that they are doing construction. “Who the hell does construction on a park?” I vented to the sky. I had such high hopes that with other people around the detective would forget all about me, no other people around for that to happen!

The detective catches up while I was trying to climb over this big orange machine. He pulled me down and turned me to face him. We stood there lost in time, staring at each other’s faces. My breathing changed, my chest rising, up, and down dancing to a fast beat. Then the strangest thing happened, my coochie quivered. I swore my coochie was talking too, “look down, look down?” the quivering coochie said.

I looked down and saw that the front of the detectives’ pants was rising. What’s wrong with us? When I looked back at his face, he is also breathing strangely. I open my mouth, and he opens his. I close my mouth, and the detective closes his. I open my mouth again, and he opens his as we walk towards each other and start a sloppy kiss. He grabs my skirt and pulls it up. I grab the front of his pants and unzip him.

The detective and I lower ourselves to the ground. Before my back could hit the ground, my panties are pushed, to the side, and he is inside me.We grab, pump, push, and moan with animalistic tendencies. If anyone saw us, we didn’t care. The detective and I were too busy fucking next to an old sandbox.

After it was over the detective looked down at me and shook his head in disbelief. “I have never done this before.”

“You sure, you seemed to know how to work” I woke up, looked around my room. Plopped back on the bed and said. “Damn…”

*What A Dream*

Yes, I have had some crazy dreams lol. Over the past year, I have written several of them down. I plan to share them on here, maybe one day I may put together a collection of short stories from my dreams. We shall see.

Note: Over the next several months my website will be undergoing a complete makeover.

As I always say, share and share some more. Happy Writing!

Kim L. Walton, Indie Writer, Self-Published Author of 3 books

Founder of Southside Book and Writers Club, Richmond Virginia




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