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Launching Rowena

The eBook Launch of Rowena

On August 31st, 2019, I launched my newest eBook, Rowena. An action-packed drama, with some romance on the side. Rowena is the first of a new series of books that I am currently working on. I’ll tell you more about each book in the series a little later.

Let me tell you about the new platform I uploaded Rowena on. Draft2Digital, yep, you read it correctly. I branched out into new territory. First, let me tell you that Draft2digital is a smooth site. Everything is laid out for you, and if you don’t know something. There are little informational tags everywhere, and there is also customer support.

Did I have any problems uploading Rowena?

No. Uploading was as easy as. Choose your file, and click submit.

What challenges did I face, if any?

I know that this is sort of a repeat question. However, I wanted to really be clear about my experience. When I formatted Rowena, I did it for the print version that I am planning on. That version has a full dedication, title page, copyright page, and a few other pages that an eBook does not need.

So, when I uploaded Rowena. I did not read all of what Draft2Digital offers and would do. Such as providing much of the front matter for my eBook. And that was totally on me. Well, after reviewing my upload, I did notice that I needed to remove those extra pages. Removing those pages helped my book, and it looks good in digital format. Of course, I made some other blunders. Over the coming months I will smooth those out.

Am I happy with Draft 2 Digital?

Yes, I am. I researched all of the leading eBook players out there and decided that their reach was what I wanted and needed for my books. I also love the informational emails, webinars, and being able to use universal links to market my books. Overall, I had a great experience and believe that this is the start of something awesome.

Universal Links

I am loving the universal links that Draft2Digital offers. I can customize the links as well. You will see further down in this post how I customized my links. This one link allows a person to click once, and choose a store to purchase my book from. Whatever ebook store that has my book will be listed, and customers can save their favorite store for later. What fun is that? I simply love it. The convenience is outstanding, and it makes so much sense in this day and age.

The Sisterhood Series Books:

  • Rowena

  • Rowena Hunting

  • Aurora

  • Marcel

  • Christine

Rowena is book one in a five-book series. Rowena Hunting will follow next, and from there it will either be Aurora or Marcel. The titles of my books have already been chosen. Now it's just a matter of getting these stories out of my head and on paper. I’m proud and excited about what's going on right now. My writing has improved so much. I'm getting better and better.

The Sisterhood Series is not the only project I’m currently working on. I am working on a romance novel, “Kiya & Kindred,” more on this at another time.

My universal links are listed below. As I always say, please share, like, snap…you know the rest

Until next time… XOXO

Hey, have you checked out Rowena's Playlist? If you haven't, do so, and tell me what you think.

Kim L. Walton, Indie Writer, Self-Published Author

Founder of Southside Book and Writers Club



Richmond, Virginia

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