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Poetry for Inspiration

Poetry for Inspiration

I love to read poetry. Back in the day, I would write my thoughts and feelings down in what I called a journal-poem. Even though I had written a few poems here and there, I never thought of doing a poetry book. I am still not interested in publishing my own poetry book. What I have decided to do is see if I can write a book or short story from one of my old poems.

Now; the four poems below are nothing special. However, these four stood out the most to me. Yeah, I noticed the sexual undertone of each poem. So don’t get offended. Sex is beautiful and should be enjoyed to the fullest.

Anyway; let me know which one you think would make an exciting read? If you are a writer, you are more than welcomed to use any of these for your own inspiration.


I taste myself on your lips (smile)

A little tart, a little sweet

My juices run down your chin

It looks creamy, glistening, and never-ending

I want to taste myself again

Damn Good

Stroke me from the inside

Damn you, that's it

My toes start to curl

My back arches with every stroke

Stroke me from the inside

A scream sticks in my throat

Smack that ass to make your point

Stroke me from the inside

Shit my pussy wet


The importance of the key

Depends upon the person who gives the key

The key can be the test of:







The Importance of the Key


He plays with me, makes me stand there


The stroking of my nipple


My anticipation, my wetness knows no limits


My breathe quickens, my nostrils flair


My thighs tremble, just a little more and I am there


I be damn ‘He stopped’

No more

Kim L. Walton, Indie Writer, Self-Published Author of 3 books

Founder of Southside Book and Writers Club




Richmond, Virginia

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