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My Motivation


Twenty-one-year- old college student, Sandra Walt's,finds helping others to be the motivation she needs to help her earn a better education. Sandra thought she was ready for the rigors and hard work that go along with being a college student and working full time.

She had no idea that staying motivated may be the most difficult thing she has ever had to do. In a blink of an eye, Sandra’s world will be turned upside down when she has to face both mental and physical abuse. Will she give up on achieving her dreams and her desire to help others?

Or, will she fight through the pain and disappointment and continue struggling to find the one thing that she can indeed call "My Motivation."



On their own for four years now Sandra and Alyssa (Motivation), find themselves still in Charlottesville, VA trying to navigate this maze called life.

Sandra has learned that labels and tags are used to describe single parents and that the world is much harsher.

As harsh realities set in and Alyssa’s paternity finally comes to a dramatic conclusion, Sandra will have to dig deep and find the strength from within to face the ultimate betrayal, all while, a deadly enemy set on revenge seeks to destroy all that she holds dear.

Enter Maxwell Randolph, a man with a troubling past, what role will he play in this game Sandra calls her life, a potential love interest or not?

To maintain her Motivation, how Dedicated and Strong will Sandra have to be? 

Kim's Do it Yourself Guide to Self Publishing~Guidance for Future Independent Authors


A how to reference guide for 'Indie Authors, Writers'. Provides key information on self-publishing. Such as; Purchasing ISBN's, Formatting documents, and making your own book covers. Resource Links Provided.

Rowena ~ ISBN -978-0-9976138-6-5

Unofficial sisterhood leader Rowena works hard to give her family a better life, often sacrificing her own needs. Rowena finally feels she has accomplished a significant feat at the old age of thirty-two, planning for retirement. Her company, Goddess Package, and Delivery Service is a success and has provided her the opportunity to retire on the sandy shores of Maui.

As Rowena prepares to step back from her many responsibilities, and entertains a new love interest. Never before seen forces rear their ugly head and drag Rowena into a war, not of her choosing. Fighting to stay alive ahead of an old client bent on the ultimate revenge, Rowena’s life.

Digging deep within herself, Rowena must find the strength and courage to ride out the storms overshadowing her life. From New York to Washington D.C. to Virginia to Hawaii, Rowena will experience unimaginable horrors. As the storm clouds thicken and threaten to suffocate Rowena. Can she find the strength to keep going?  Live out her dream on the sandy beaches of Maui, and hold on to the love she thinks she’s’ found?

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