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My Personal Marketing Advice

This Talk session is just a continuation from a video I did on Southside Book and Writers Club Facebook page on 3/27/2019. I discussed in that video. What I used to determine, how I am going to market my books, or should I say using ads. My marketing strategy includes learning my demographics, establishing my product, determining my product price, offering a quality product, and my contact information. All of this does seem simple. However, it is not and can be overwhelming.

Demographics: Any company or business that wants to sell something. They have to determine who they are selling too. I don’t sell by genre. Yeah; I know, I am doing something different. Actually, I am not! I use locations, age, race, and sex to determine where I post my ads (advertise). In my opinion, there is no real way to single out a particular genre reader? If you have found a practical way to market by genre, please comment and tell me. I want to know. However; back to me, I target a specific demographic which includes everything that I mentioned above.

Product Detail: Now this section and price go together. When I advertise my books, I will use a picture and state prices for the ebook or print version. I also explain or tell if the book is Nonfiction or Young Adult. I try to be transparent in my marketing. I want my ad to answer the consumer's questions. I also want it to answer questions, they may not have thought to ask. Product detail for me is the description of my books and services. I at times will share a customer review. I want other people to read what someone thought about my work and then decide to purchase it.

Price: I have tried my hardest to price my books reasonably, and competitively. I do take the time to research everything that factors into my sell price. I look at printing cost, shipping, and the size of my book. All of this helps to determine my price. Your books should be sold at fair market price, without cheating yourself or your customers.

Quality: Whenever I buy something, I look for what appeals to me. Quality is something that appeals to me. Quality is what I want to give my readers. Yes; I know that people will say that the cover is a huge deal. However, I have purchased shitty covers, that had beautiful well-written stories inside. As my Nana would say; outside beauty ain’t everything lol, you would be surprised how ugly the inside is.

Back to Quality. My readers and followers are able to say to anyone that Kim has improved her craft. That my writing has gotten tighter, stronger from the days of My Motivation. Yes, baby that’s quality. They just want my story!

Contact information: when I market I always list my contact information. I had to learn this the hard way. Four years ago; I was passing out flyers and postcards, that did not have any contact information listed. So; how the hell was people supposed to reach me? A friend pulled my coattail one day and straightened me out. Ever since then I make sure that my information is listed. I make sure that people can see a picture of me, name, website, and email.

Note: Everything I do; works for me and over the years these methods have helped me make myself transparent to my current customers and my future customers. I feel that this builds trust between us.

As I close this out. I hope that you find or found something useful while reading this Talk Session. If you have a different method for finding your audience, jump on and let me know. Knowledge is power, and I love to learn.

FYI: Rowena is coming this spring/summer, and Rowena Hunting will follow at the end of 2019. Keep a lookout for her. If you are interested; in receiving, an advanced reader copy. Contact me, I will gladly send you a copy.

As always, share and share some more…

Kim L. Walton, Indie Writer, Self-Published Author of 3 books

Founder of Southside Book and Writers Club



Richmond, Virginia

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