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Book Review of Stacey Covington-lee, “When Love Aint Enough

Book Review of Stacey Covington-lee, “When Love Aint Enough”

‘When Love Aint Enough’ was scheduled for Southside Book and Writers Club, April review. However, the book club had an opportunity to do an event together. Of course, you know that we all chose the event. But we did not forget about our book of the month. Each member will do their own review and post it on a social media platform for the author.

3 stars

What happens when you think that your relationship, marriage is okay? You go about your day, thinking that all is well. Then out of the blue; your spouse starts to act disrespectful, spiteful, and verbally abusive. Heck they get to the point, where they don’t appreciate a damn thing that you do. Well, this happened to poor Vince.

Vince, husband to Rozalla realized after 20 plus years of marriage. that he was not enough for his so-called loving wife. This type of stuff does happen for real. I liked that the other used a woman for the ungrateful spouse. Most of the time the man is portrayed; as the cheater, abuser, manipulator, etc. So this was refreshing to read that the woman was the ungrateful piece of dodo in this story. Men and women both feel that they are/need to upgrade at times.

In Rozalla’s case; she let the opinion of another woman influence how she should treat her husband. I did not like this Heather character, but lord knows. There are a lot of those creatures out there. They are miserable and want the world to be unhappy with them. Rozallas’ character is one that I would use to teach my daughters, what a woman should not be! I felt that she did not know herself or what she wanted for that matter. It was too easy for Heather to come in and influence her. I felt that the story did not really touch on, why Rozalla felt the way she did after so many years of marriage.

Sooo… Rozalla wakes from a dream and realizes that Vince is still the love of her life, that she should treat him better, and she wants her marriage to work. Now she has all of these regrets, really! When Vince finally left, I cheered. Yeah, they got back together lol. The way of romance! I was glad that he left, and showed Rozalla that he did not have to stay and put up with her craziness anymore.

This book is more than just Vince and Rozalla’s relationship. Their relationship affected everyone around them. Their kids, family and their friends. You saw how the mistreatment, manipulation of a person, caused hatred and distrust around them.

This was a decent read. I gave it three stars because I did get confused about the past and present when Rozalla was dreaming and then woke up.

Have you read a book lately; if not then what are you waiting for?

As always, share and share some more…

Kim L. Walton, Indie Writer, Self-Published Author of 3 books

Founder of Southside Book and Writers Club



Richmond, Virginia

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