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*Rowena (2019) Book Launch*

Rowena (2019) Book Launch

Rowena’s Book Launch is going to be my first official launch for a book. Even though I have three books out, this is something new for me. Over the past six months; I’ve learned, that a book launch is no easy matter. Especially; when you are trying to finish writing and editing the work that is to be launched. Then not to mention the process of picking the right book cover for your work.

I know that I have looked at over (25) book covers and none stand out or do it for me. I don’t sound all that confident right now, do I lol? However, I am confident that everything will fall into place at the right time and in its own determined order. Surprisingly I'm not stressed or feeling overwhelmed, with the process. One thing I do know is that I am learning a lot and this first book launch will lay the outline for my future book launches.

Since I have been working on my book launch for Rowena, I have received different opinions on the type of reading this book should be labeled as. Rowena is an action drama; however, I have had a few beta readers express that I should include romantic drama or romantic action drama. All advice and suggestions are definitely appreciated and accepted. Nevertheless; this book is more dramatic then romantic. Rowena will have a love interest, but the story line does not center around that love interest. It centers around Rowena (herself) and her need to always help, protect, and provide for her family.

I want my readers to ask, as they read the book. How will Rowena balance it all; the family obligations, the new love interest, facing her past, and the need to succeed. How is she going to help herself, period? What happens when problems arise, is she strong enough to weather them. When readers finish Rowena, I want them to say that she is me and I am her. I want everyone to know, feel, and understand why Rowena is a Goddess Rising Through The Storms.

“My knees buckle at times, and the wind pushes me back constantly forcing me to lose ground. Nevertheless, I know I have to dig in, lean forward, and take slow, steady steps through these storms until I get to the other side. Every step I take brings Peace, Balance, Confidence, and Awareness. My footprints are guides for my sisters and family, to lead them out of the storms.” Rowena

FYI – neither picture is the actual book cover. These were two that I do like, and they were close to what I wanted. However, I don’t want a Sci-Fi look, nor do I want a cover that screams, I am one of the millions out there like this. Any suggestions, I’m game.

Kim L. Walton, Indie Writer, Self-Published Author of 3 books

Founder of Southside Book and Writers Club, Richmond Virginia




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