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Pt. 2 Creating Internal Conflict in my Writing

Pt. 2 Creating Internal Conflict in my Writing

In part one 1, of CREATING INTERNAL CONFLICT, I told you who my main character was(Rowena), what she wanted to accomplish, who may or may not get in Rowena’s way, and how they may create conflict in her life. I did not complete the how to each adversary in part one, because that would have made the post even longer and I felt that this section should be a stand-alone. I am going to start where I left off.

Who is/may create conflict in her life

(Address the (How) will each stand in Rowena’s way)

Frost – frost will use her words and Rowena’s sense of family loyalty to stop Rowena’s and Tristian’s relationship.

Popel – this man will hire killers, thieve, and assassins to get even with Rowena. He will infiltrate her family causing the ultimate betrayal.

Jinx – double-cross and betray those that have taught and protected her, leading to an unforgivable crime.

Katherine – lie, cheat, manipulate to get a man that doesn’t want her. There is more to her! Her past and present will surprise them all.

Tristian’s father – wants the company that should have been left to him and will sabotage and destroy Rowena to teach Tristian a lesson.

Annabel – will commit the ultimate betrayal and sin, aligning herself with Popel, in the ultimate betrayal. Hates Rowena because of Aurora

Unknown forces – they will be nonstop in their attacks, finally forcing Rowena to turn into a hunter to survive.

As I worked, on this list; of people that had the ability, to stop or get in Rowena’s way of her dreams. I found it easier to figure out how each person was going to affect her and why. In part one I stated that my story started to fill-in, holes started closing, as I figured out what I wanted my main character to accomplish or try to accomplish. In part-two I started developing, how, when, and of course the why. This has allowed me to close the holes even more.

My method is not for everybody, and that is okay! However, I think that new writers should take their time, and research different methods of writing. Discover what works for them, what methods pull the story out of them. Don’t get discouraged when a method doesn’t work for you. Keep searching and writing until your method develops. I can say that taking my time writing, and developing my technique, finding out what works for me has made me a stronger writer.

Stay tuned for part three. In it, I will discuss how Rowena deals with the Internal Conflict. Also, I plan to use the notes I made while working on this method to develop a Synopsis. To be honest, the synopsis feels less intimidating right now. I still hate it, but this method is making it easier to do.

As always, if you found this information helpful, share, and share some more…

Kim L. Walton, Indie Writer, Self-Published Author of 3 books

Founder of Southside Book and Writers Club, Richmond Virginia



Richmond, Virginia

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