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Creating Internal Conflict In My Writing

Creating Internal Conflict in my Writing

After doing some research and of course more research. I am learning how to create conflict in my writing. Doing this has helped my current work in progress Rowena. First I decided who was my main character and what they wanted or needed to accomplish. This method did/has helped me develop, and make my plot better. Once I determined what my Main Character would be doing. I next had to figure what or who would try to stop her, and develop the scenes and circumstances around these characters. This was only part one of my creating conflict in my writing. I wrote out everything in three parts. This helped me to break down my story, (tweak) areas that made no sense and develop areas that were important to the flow of the book.

Below may seem like some sort of outline. It actually was not, after I completed my third draft and wasn’t happy with it. I decided to go back to my research and see how I could plug those holes that I saw and read in my story. This was only the first step to how I started to really develop my main character and my novel. I am currently using this method, along with my notes to complete my rewrites and edits. My holes are filling in, and I can see my story again in my head. Which means; it has much improved, and I am loving and feeling it yah!

My main character – Rowena

What is my MC trying to accomplish/desire

  1. Freedom (retirement)

  2. Security

  3. Protect (family)

  4. A home of her own

  5. Family (together, keeping everyone together)

  6. Love

Who is/may create conflict in her life (How)

  1. Frost – a mother figure, wants Rowena happy but on her terms. A fight for control, respect

  2. Propel –wants Rowena dead, she destroyed his plans/life. Blames her for his problems, took his daughter. Will do and hire anyone to help him bury Rowena

  3. Jinx –wants Rowena to love her, feels that she is more deserving than the others/family, resent the closeness of the sisters, wants to be a part of something

  4. Katherine –needs Rowena out of the way, wants Tristian and the money she feels she deserves will do anything to get it

  5. Tristian’s father –not sure if he wants to kill Rowena or not, needs her out of the way to control his son

  6. Annabel – wants to kill them all, leave no one alive. Not about money, personal for her

  7. Unknown forces – will come from the past, will force the protector to become the hunted.

As I said before, this is just the first part of how my writing has grown. Try this out or tweak it to suit you. I do think that you will be happy with the results. I will be posting part two next week…much success. Develop your story!

As always, share and share some more…

Kim L. Walton, Indie Writer, Self-Published Author of 3 books

Founder of Southside Book and Writers Club, Richmond Virginia



Richmond, Virginia

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