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The Indie Urban literature Festival

This was my third time attending The Indie Urban Lit Fest. Yeah, I made it through. I probably left an hour early; instead of five, I left around four. I normally stay until an event ends. However, since I am just getting back into the groove of me. Yes, me! I am listening to my body and what she says.

Back to the festival and what this Talk Session is about. The festival was a huge success for me as a writer. I sold books and not only that; I networked and met some pretty awesome people. I met preteens who are interested in writing, this impressed me so much. They were so curious about everything related to books, writing, and the whys and why not.

The future looks bright with children like these leading the way. They are willing to learn what it needs to get it done and not cut corners to do it.

Opinions Needed/Gathered

During the festival, I gathered some feedback for my new book Rowena. I also asked questions about my old books and how I could make them better inside and outside at a later date.

I’m sharing some of the feedback I got:

  1. Customers liked the format for Dedication (yes, I was surprised, and no, they did not wear glasses like me. Lol. I was told that the spacing did not take away from the story or hinder one from reading).

  2. The font in Dedication and Kim’s DIY was good. My Motivation could be adjusted and a little smaller ( I agreed with these assessments)

  3. Kim’s DIY had been a great help to many newbies searching for information ( had a reader come up and they had purchased my DIY at last year’s small business expo)

  4. Appreciated the fact that I placed content advisory on Dedication (I wanted parents to know that this book had some sex, language, and death. Also, it was the follow-up My Motivation (YA); I didn’t want to shock parents with a clean book, then a not so clean- but real life book!)

  5. Book covers are loved by my preteens (I appreciate that love. However, I am changing my style for my adult fiction reads)

As you can see, I got some great feedback. From a business standpoint, this type of information is priceless. It will help me grow in the long run, and I can use it to adjust my business and marketing plans as I grow. For your viewing pleasure, Southside Book and Writers Club supported each author with a live stream…there is great information in those videos.

The videos can be viewed on the clubs Facebook page@southsidebookandwritersclub… view and share.

Kim L. Walton, Indie Writer, Self-Published Author of 3 books

Founder of Southside Book and Writers Club



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