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*Publishing Platforms ~ Part One*

The internet and of course those incredible publishing platforms out there has given others like me the opportunity to push our own books out. I also know that the world has changed, and is still evolving. Indie authors like me, want to embrace and acknowledge that change. Publishing platforms have allowed an author’s voices to show and shine. I find it fascinating to read books by authors, who I probably would never have heard of if they had not self-punished. I am enjoying learning how our dialects are different, how we use the same words for different meanings, and how our spelling differs from country to country.

Publishing platforms; are helping the indie author, showcase differences in our writing skills, and what we choose to write about! Someone once told me that there is an audience for everyone. Their right; I read any and everything. I don’t care about who wrote it, what color they are, or if the masses are reading it. I read for enjoyment, pure and simple and I have found that there are some damn good indie authors out there.

With that being said; publishing a book is not a taboo, there are so many options available now, that make it easier to do. Books can be published as eBooks, crossing the internet at an impressive rate. Books are printed out as hard and soft back, audio files, large print, even braille so that those who have bad eyesight or blind individuals can still enjoy reading what they want as well. This Talk Session maybe about Publishing Platforms, However, it can also be called Self-Publishing Platforms.

As I stated in my do it Yourself Guide, there are many options out there, and no they are not taboo! The internet has leveled the playing field in my opinion when it comes to publishing. Do you see how the big house publishing companies are now changing (if you do not, then you need to do your research)? When you do your research, include your local library-search for the first printing press, and the first documented book that we know of.

I discussed the publishing platforms that I chose in my book. When looking at my table of contents, you will see that on page 34. The conversation starts about where I was going to publish my book. The platforms I mentioned are just the minimum to what is out there at your disposal.

  • Amazon

  • Createspace

  • Kobo

  • Smashwords

In part two of this Talk Session, I will break down those platforms that I used and other known publishing platforms that I researched. As always knowledge is power…share that knowledge and empower someone

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