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*Learning Patience as a Writer*

*Learning Patience as a Writer*

Dedication is my follow-up to my Young Adult read My Motivation. It is almost complete, but not quite there yet. Seven months of writing, editing, proofreaders, beta readers, more editing, and of course, more writing. I say again that Dedication is almost complete :). Does it bother me that it is taking a while?

No; not really, I actually want this follow-up to be better all the way around. From my writing; the words I have typed or written on paper, to my book cover. So I have to have what; patience, to accomplish the goals that I have set for this book and myself. I have heard authors complain about not having patience. However, authors do not only experience a lack of patience, anyone can experience impatience.

How can we develop patience?

Is there some miracle fad out there? Mercy, I hope not. To many of us jump on trains, just because of whom we see on them not giving a damn thought to where there going. I know…I know, my granny had a habit of saying that about fads and following :).

This is what I do to relax, and I believe that doing this has helped me over the years develop some stone cold patience!

1.Determine when you are the most relaxed and the most stressed. Write whatever it is down.

  • Write the time down

  • If it’s a particular day of the week, write it down

  • If it’s a holiday or special occasion write it down

2. When you finish, you should have two rows (relaxed, stressed). Depending on how you are, your rows may be little to nothing or make up several pages. The reason for the two rows is so that you can compare and analyze your areas of relaxation and your areas of stress. Determine what’s happening and not happening in every situation. Don’t leave out even the smallest detail. For me it was music, I noticed that music was always playing when I was relaxed. However, I couldn’t play music everywhere! This brought me to step three.

3. Deep breathing exercises and Meditation

  • Stop whatever it is you are doing and take a deep breath

  • Release and repeat until you feel calm, relaxed, or almost serene. Okay, that’s what I feel!

  • Close your eyes (optional)

  • Do this whenever you can, for however long you need to

I find that between my music (gotta have it) and deep breathing exercises. My mind is clearer, calmer, and more alert. I believe that my ideas come faster and I have no problem being patience in any given situation. I hope the information in this session was useful to you. Share with those whom you think can benefit from this information.


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