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*I am Writing...Yeah!*

*I am Writing...Yeah!*

I just finished the rough draft to my DIY booklet/guide. It is currently in the hands of my beta readers. So far, I am currently at 43 pages, which may change as I go through my rewrites and edits, and add information here and there. The goal of this guide helps others on their journey, whatever that maybe. When I was conducting my own research, it was hard and


  1. One individual told me to purchase used ISBNs, said that it didn’t matter as long as I got the book out? I am going to leave this to marinate…

I did finally decide on a name. I came up with three possible titles and finally settled on:

Kim’s Do It Yourself Guide to Self-Publishing

Guidance for Future Independent Authors

This guide will cover formatting your pages for an eBook, to purchasing ISBN’s from a reliable source. A sample of my current table of contents (TOC):

  1. Introduction

  2. Developing your Product

  3. How do you write a book

  4. Editing

  5. Formatting

  6. Book Titles and Subtitles

  7. Book Cover

  8. ISBN Numbers

A sample from one of my chapters:


EBook format and Manuscript formatting are different. Depending on which you choose. You will need to setup your document before or after writing your story. The interior format for an eBook is listed below. You can set Microsoft Word or whatever resource you use so that your book follows these guidelines.

EBook Format in Word

  • Click Page Layout

  • Click Margins or open Page Setup Box

  • Click Narrow Margins or enter 0.5

  • Choose Portrait

  • Click Whole Document

  • Click Paper Tab (located in Page Setup Box)

  • Width enter 6 (average size of eBook)

  • Height enter 9 (average size of eBook)

*I am Writing...Yeah!*

Now, on to book two…I have just finished the follow-up to “My Motivation.” Currently, my book is in the process of being edited and proofread. I am moving slow to some, but steady for myself! I don’t plan to rush either book out there. I feel blessed and good about what I have written so far. Dedication, the follow-up to My Motivation is good.

A little taste from the soon to come, Dedication

“It’s been four years since our move to Charlottesville, VA. Alyssa (Motivation) is now four years old, but she acts as if she is going on fifty.”

“Sandra’s story has ended! Use her story to motivate you! I cannot say that enough. Sandra’s story is to show women and men (boys/men are, violated as well) that you can make it after such a trauma. As Sandra said, find something to motivate you to keep going, succeed, and conquer that act of violence. Be inspired and inspire others to fight and rise.”

I realize that I am constantly learning as I write. I learn something new every day, hour, and minute. I am proud of that fact. I don’t write to please others, as much as I write to please myself. I notice that I talk to the computer, discuss how much the characters are growing and evolving. I smile when I complete a chapter…hell, I cheese. Because I know that, I am feeling it. I am in the story, flowing, gliding along the pages. What a feeling…turn on! I get it now.

*I am Writing...Yeah!*

On a side note, I am loving, the television show Vikings. It airs on the History channel. Can you say ideas…research…BLACK VIKINGS *I am Writing…Yeah!*

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