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*The Frustration; One may Face, as they gather Information on their Journey to becoming an Independe

*The Frustration; One may Face, as they gather Information on their Journey to becoming an Independent Writer*

Frustration and weariness that is an understatement when it comes to finding clear cut information on writing and publishing. I know for me; that I got frustrated and irritated with people, websites, and publishers. Who would say even ask, give me a certain amount of money and I can point you in the right direction. What happens after you pay these individuals or money changes hand? I found that out the hard way, and it led to my weariness! Honestly, at one point, I know that I became a sailor!

That weariness and frustration are one of the reasons why I decided to publish My Motivation myself. “When a publisher tells you that your book is not good enough, then in the same breath, tell you that you need them to publish your work and to sign this and sign that. Be weary my people…be weary.”

So for all of my weary and frustrated indie authors, don’t get discouraged with the lack of honest information out there or honest people. Understand and know why you are writing, this will help when it is time to either self-publish that manuscript or send it to a traditional publisher. I say this because; your research will give you some knowledge. What is it that they say…some direction? You will know if the information is incorrect or may not be what you are currently looking for or need.

I also believe that one’s gut instinct kicks in when the information or situation is wrong. How many times have you used a mechanic because a friend used that mechanic even though you watched that person go to that mechanic every two weeks on payday because their car was broken down again! So why, why would you go to that mechanic? How many times have you thought, why don’t they find a new mechanic, that mechanic is getting paid from suckers, he or she(customers) is a damn fool, and that mechanic is sabotaging that car or don’t know what the hell they are doing.

Don’t feel bad; I am guilty of this as well. I went through three editors and got taken by two of them, all because I did not do my own research on these people. That is a discussion for another post lol!

The basis of this long-winded post is to inform you to do your own research. Please don’t stop at one source, whether it is the (the internet, person). No one person or thing is all knowing, compare multiple sources.

Writing and publishing a book is by no means easy, so any information gathered can be invaluable. However, you want the right information or hell as close to correct as you can get it, then you do the rest. Become stronger in knowledge and wiser with how you use the information you have learned.


  • If you want to write, sit down and write your ideas and thoughts out first.

  • Take a creative writing course.

  • Attend workshops, groups, or a forum with other potential writers.

  • Whether you are going to self-publishing or not, just conduct your research. Start researching, before your book is even near completion.

  • Stop playing follow the leader; what works for one, may not work for another!

Happy New Year

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