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*Set Goals for 2017*

*Set Goals for 2017*

The New Year is almost here. I always use this time of year as a time of reflection. I do not set the normal goals; like I plan to lose 10lbs, or I will juice cleanse for a month. I take the time to reflect/ remember the good and bad of the previous year. I base and make decisions for the coming year with that knowledge.

It could be something as small as wasting money every morning buying a coffee when I have a perfectly good coffee pot in the kitchen. My goal or change in this scenario would be to buy coffee out once a week. The extra money that I have left from not buying coffee out, save it! This is normally how my goals for the New Year go. I figure out what areas in my life need change and I go after them. As you go into the New Year, reflect, review, and set realistic goals and plans for your future. List the goals in two categories; short-term and long-term.

We fail more often than we succeed. I believe this is true; however, every time you start over, get up and stand tall. That failure becomes a success, right? That failure motivated you to keep going; that is why it is also a success. It does not matter if that success was small or big. The point of it all is simple you kept going!

Below, is a list of some of my short and long-term goals for the coming year (2017)

  1. Short-term goals for 2017

  • Redo My Motivations sell sheet

  • Develop promotional flyers for self and My Motivation

  • Develop promotional flyers for book club

  • Advertise book club

  • Finish editing Dedication

  • Finish editing DIY book

  1. Long-term goals for 2017

  • Finish action series

  • Finish certification for professional proofreader

  • File business license

My goal list would be longer if I listed everything. I would have a sheet and a half. What I have listed gives you an idea of what 2017, will look like for me and the direction I am going in. Use your goals to plan, your future or the future of your business. If you do not do it, no one else will do it for you!

We can choose the direction and path our life/business will follow. Goals and planning help us to achieve our objectives, whether large or small.

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