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Book Blurbs! Why are they so hard to write?

Book Blurbs! Why are they so hard to write?

Why are Book Blurbs so hard to write? How/What is the correct formula or is there really one for writing a blurb?

I’ve written three crappy Book Blurbs. Yes, I can call them crappy, I’m the one that drafted them. I’ve never felt that any of the Blurbs were outstanding, and I wanted them to be. For the past year, I have dedicated time to research Blurbs and Synopsis writing/formulas. I will discuss the Synopsis in detail in another Talk Session.

I’ve read Book Blurbs ranging in size from a paragraph to a page. Now, this was based on the location of the Blurbs. I discovered book Blurbs not only on the back of books, but also on book covers, and jackets. These areas were the reason for the different sizes in Blurbs in my opinion. So, what is the standard or recommended size of a Book Blurb? I noticed that eBook Blurbs are around 100 to 150 words on Amazon and other sites that carry eBooks. Looking at the print books on my bookshelf, as I said earlier. All of the book Blurbs range in different sizes, based on whether the books were in jackets or not.

How should we write our Book Blurbs?

  1. Reference the genre and theme

  2. Create intrigue

  3. Introduce the/your protagonist

  4. Keep it short and to the point

  5. Don’t give the plot away

  6. Don’t tell the ending

If I go by my bulleted list, which I have tacked on my wall next to my computer. This way I can see it every day and practice. Then this should be easy right? Hell nah, it’s not! I am going to use the new book that I’m working on as my example and see what I get for now.

“Rowena is an action drama. Meet Rowena owner of Goddess Package and Delivery Services, she has worked hard over the past thirteen years to provide for her family and keep them safe. Rowena’s objective was to retire and relax on the sandy beaches of Maui. Never before seen forces, drag Rowena into a war of not her choosing. Rowena will have to dig deep within herself if she can and find the strength to ride out the storms erupting within her life from New York, to Hawaii and Virginia. Rowena and her family will experience unimaginable horrors. Will she find the strength to keep going, the stakes are high, and the deck is stacked against her.”

Hey hey, I know this isn’t great! However, this may be the best book blurb start, that I’ve done so far. Below I will leave links to websites that I found helpful, in my search to improve myself as a writer. Also below is the name of a book by another author who’s knowledge has helped me so much over the last year. If you really want to improve and if you love writing. Then read Mugging The Muse, it will help you get to that next level based on you. I did an exercise from the book 'creating internal conflict,' and that’s what made me put Rowena down, and pick her back up three months later.

Mugging The Muse (Book)

As always, share and share some more…

Kim L. Walton, Indie Writer, Self-Published Author of 3 books

Founder of Southside Book and Writers Club



Richmond, Virginia

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