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Communicating With Customers/Vendor

Communicating With Customers/Vendor

How are you interacting with customers, potential customers, and vendors? What marketing methods are you using? Email is one of the most used ways to communicate. The idea is that you build an email list of potential customers/customers, and share what you are selling or information.

The bulleted list below is what I use to communicate with my network. Each method can be designed to fit your needs, you can establish a schedule, build templates or guides to make your messages more attractive to your audience.

  1. Email

  2. Instant message

  3. Text

  4. Videos

How often should you communicate with your customer/vendors?

This is really up to the individual. Personally, I choose to communicate two or three times a week. That number may be to low for some people! However, I feel that people respond better when they do not have to deal with spam-like messages. I treat my communication methods the way I want to receive it from a company or business. Sending out fifty messages a week or ten emails a day can backfire on a business.

Think out of the box with these next examples. Many times we sleep on the use of paper advertising! There is a whole world out there that still reads a newspaper, printed book, and flyers, etc.. pass out those flyers, postcards, and business cards. You never know how far they will travel.

  1. Flyers

  2. Business cards

  3. Postcards

I hope this Talk Session helps or gives you an idea of how to communicate with customers/vendors.

Happy Reading... A YouTube video is provided as well, enjoy!

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Kim L. Walton, Indie Writer, Self-Published Author

Founder of Southside Book and Writers Club


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Richmond, Virginia

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