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(Edited) What Are Your Year-End Goals

(Edited) What Are Your Year-End Goals

I have always set goals for myself. My goals have always included personal and professional things that I wish to accomplish. Over the years I stop setting a hardline time/deadline to complete my goals. I give myself room to breathe, and not rush, you know. We all know that life happens and life can affect you/me completing our goals.

My year-end goals (2018) and goals for 2019 run together. Much of the list below will not be completed; until early 2019, and I am okay with that! This list does not include all of my professional goals, nor does it include my personal goals. If I listed everything that would be one heck of a long list...

  • Book club logo

  • Business logo

  • Update website

  • Complete book covers for Rowena Hunting, Rowena, Kiya and Kindred

  • Complete Photoshop Course

  • Find a loyal editor

  • Find a legitimate graphic designer

  • Schedule book events for 2019

  • Schedule book club events for 2019

I included my old goal list from 2017 on here. I completed all of my short-term goals for 2017, even finished much of those items early. As for my long-term goals, I am still working on them, and it is okay.

A. Short-term goals for 2017

• Redo My Motivations sell sheet

• Develop promotional flyers for self and My Motivation

• Develop promotional flyers for book club

• Advertise book club

• Finish editing Dedication

• Finish editing DIY book

B. Long-term goals for 2017

• Finish action series

• Finish certification for a professional proofreader

• File business license

Reflect, review, and set realistic goals and plans for your future. List the goals in two categories short-term/long-term. Most of 2018, I spent developing the book club, marketing myself, writing, and recovering from personal issues. My goal list for 2018 was outrageous it included:

  • Make website .com

  • Complete SEO course for website

  • Take a Marketing course

  • Practice writing in the third person

  • Search for public speaking engagements

  • Reading tour for book club

The list above was just some of the goals I had set for 2018. As this year comes to an end. I’m disappointed with myself that I could/may not have Rowena out by December the way I wanted. That’s the only goal that left me a little sad! I don’t see it as a complete failure, however. The rewrites are making me a better writer, I see my mistakes, and this situation has helped me understand the importance of a good editor.

"We fail more often than we succeed. I believe this is true; however, every time you start over, get up and stand tall. That failure becomes a success, right. That failure motivated you to keep going; that is why it is also a success. It does not matter if that success was small or big. The point of it all is simple you kept going!"

Kim L. Walton 2017

I kept the quote from 2017 in this post. It still applies; use your goals to plan, your future or the future of your business. If you do not do it, no one else will do it for you. We can choose the direction and path our life/business will follow. Goals and planning help us to achieve our objectives, whether large or small.

As always, share and share some more…

Kim L. Walton, Indie Writer, Self-Published Author of 3 books

Founder of Southside Book and Writers Club



Richmond, Virginia

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