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Stress from writing and the process of writing?

Stress from writing and the process of writing?

For a minute there, I thought that I had more issues than a little cancer. I would find myself in the bathroom, unable to sleep, clicking away on my phone in the memo app writing. I have always dealt with insomnia! However, my problem was not the lack of sleep; it was this insane drive to get the words floating out of my head, down. My mind just kept racing and racing.

My usual methods to achieve calmness were not really helping me; deep breaths, and brisk walking. Whenever I meditate, I would see a scene from my words in my head lol. That was no help! So; what did I do to conquer that stressful time-period or how did I conquer it? Truthfully, I didn’t fix the problem. How do you overcome or combat stressful occasions when dealing with your writing?

The weird part about all of this was that the book in my head was not Rowena, or Rowena Hunting, or the other three books in the Sisterhood Series. I started on a new book “Kiya and Kindred,” even the name came to me right away. With everything else that I am currently doing, and with my focus being so entirely on the Sisterhood Series. I was surprised when a new idea for a book bounced around in my head. I have to be thankful for that stressful period in a way. When you have a new idea for a book, do you drop what you are currently working on?

I didn’t drop Rowena Hunting-The Sisterhood Series, which is what I am working on now. Instead, I have made a time slot, sort of, dedicated to Kiya and Kindred. I usually write about two hours a day, when I can. Some days I may not get two hours! I take an hour out of my afternoons now to work on Kiya and Kindred. The more I work on them, and put them on paper, the less they are bouncing around in my head.

I know some of you are laughing at the Memo App. Yeah, I use it and the Notes App. I find both of these apps to be perfect for me and my needs. I usually am a paper, pencil, or pen writer. However, I love these two apps. They are a nice addition to my process!

So; tell me what stresses, you out about your writing, and how you handle it? What do you do to keep from overloading at times?

‘What one may call a stressful period, others may call it a learning period.’

Stay motivated

As always, share and share some more…

Kim L. Walton, Indie Writer, Self-Published Author of (3) books

Founder of Southside Book and Writers Club



Richmond, Virginia

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