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Angels Blood by Nalini Singh

5 stars

I loved the storyline between Elena and Rapheal. Elena is a hunter; vampire hunter, she is good at her job and considered by the guild she works for as one of the best. Rapheal is an angel; he hires Elena for a job, to hunt a rogue. However, a rogue what? You have to read it, to find that part out. The flow of this book was great for me, nonstop from page to page. I don’t like long drawn out, waste of time talking, or playing around with the description.

Rapheal and Elena have no choice but to work together to find this rogue. This story has so much going on, and I think that is what I like about it. Both Elena and Rapheal experience test when it comes to family loyalty, love, death, and redemption. This book does not have that sappy, happy ending which I hate so much. Instead, you are asked, what I/you would do for love or to save someone I/you loved even if you have to risk yourself.

Alterant by Sherrilyn Kenyon and Dianna Love

3 stars

I liked this book, and I can see tell that the next one in the series will be much better. Evalle is an Alterant, and her species is almost extinct. One of the reasons that I liked this book was the story about how Evalle learned that there were more of her people, the powers they have, and how a governing body wants her to capture her own people so they can be enslaved or killed.

I read certain parts of this book over and over. Each time I had to say what the duck! Could you enslave and harm your own? Evalle and the few remaining Alterants are blamed, shunned, and exiled by society for crimes committed by a few Alterants from the past. The storyline at times lagged, for me and I found myself wanting a speedier pace. Like the part about Quinn and the women, he wants to be with, of course, she is the enemy. It took entirely too long to get there for me and when they did. I just was not interested anymore.

Zane presents Obsession The Kink PI Series by Shakir Rashaan

2 stars

I could not get into it. Dominic Law seems sexy, confident, and then some. But his character did not draw me into the story. I am a big erotic lover and fan. With that being said; no book written like this should make me laugh constantly, or go okay, what’s next. But this book had me asking, saying, and praying for the end. A good erotic read should cause a little spark, some type of desire! I got Nothing…absolutely nothing! I read scenes to my spouse to see if it was just me. The man just arched a brow and shook his head. This was my first time reading this author’ work. I do plan to try another of his books, just because I found out he wrote a piece in Chocolate Flava and I love that Book.

My Husbands Girlfriend by Cydney Rax

3 stars

Read this book with an open mind. Anya and Neil are having problems in the bedroom. After Anya’s second miscarriage, she seemed to experience a terrible decline in her sex drive, and in my opinion, was depressed as well. Their problem got so bad that Anya drew up a contract allowing her husband to have oral sex with another woman, no penetration, or getting to close to the person.

Neil took it and ran with it; he produced a baby, STD’s, and so much disrespect towards his wife and the mother of his first-born that I hated his character. Neil was a weak male in my opinion, who preached about God and the fact that his wife had made him go out and have an affair. Maybe she did, but this man had so much bull within him, that it was hard to even see his side of things. I mean; the woman he cheats with is a co-worker, someone he had been eyeing the whole time.

His wife actually attempted to do something most women cannot and will not do to make a spouse happy. In the end, Neil and his other woman got a babysitter, cook, and forgiveness for the trauma they put Anya threw. This was not a poor read at all, the author made me feel with her writing. Even though I didn’t like one of the characters, this is a solid read.

The Vacation by Silk White

4 stars

Anthony Stone is fine and a badass. Stone is a cop; who goes on vacation with his lady friend, and terrorist attack the cruise ship that they are on. I enjoyed this read; there was plenty of action throughout the book. Stone was fighting everybody to get to his woman.

One thing that stood out for me and I liked it. Anthony Stone was hit, stabbed, etc.… I get tired of reading how the hero never is touched or made to look stupid.

Stranded by Silk White

5 stars

Wow, I didn’t think that I would like Dez, however; by the end of the book, I was rooting for him. Dez and family go on a road trip. That trip is life-changing for the whole family. This book is about family; what would you do to save those you loved, and how far would or could you go. Stranded makes you ask those questions and more; at least it made me ask questions.

I don’t write nor know how to write fancy reviews. If I knew how I would for this book. This is one that I will purchase for my home library and place it beside my man Donald Goines. This book surprised me in a good way.

As always, share and share some more…

Kim L. Walton, Indie Writer, Self-Published Author of 3 books

Founder of Southside Book and Writers Club



Richmond, Virginia

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