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Southside Book and Writers Club Review *Disasters in Dating* by Danielle Allen

Southside Book and Writers Club Review

Newly, single, Desiree finds herself going back on the dating scene, after a horrible breakup. Desiree’s friends rally around her and recommend that she use a dating app to meet, and sort out potential men. Disasters in Dating is right; it seemed as if she picked one a-hole after the other. You will cheer when her luck finally, changes. Desiree meets two men who seem to know what they want and are upfront about it. Miles and Charles entered her life, both seemed to be honest and hardworking men, and they just don’t want her for sex.

Point one-This is the part were members of the book club disagreed on, and it affected our rating of the book. Some members felt that after Desiree had dated both Miles and Charles she should have chosen which one she wanted, they thought that she was dishonest with Miles, and was trying to play both men.

Point two-Other members of the group felt that since she was using a dating app, and had stated that she went on multiple dates with other men. That Desiree owed no explanation to either man. That it was wrong for either man to assume whether she kissed, fondled, or whatever with them that she was in a relationship with them. Desiree had not said anything about being exclusive, she said she liked them verbally, and body language.

If we tell anymore, we will be telling the book, and we don’t want to do that. The club gives the read four stars. The storyline was good, and it flowed. Members liked how the writer emphasized, who was talking during the cell conversations in bold. This kept the flow going; nobody found it confusing at all. There was enough drama to keep you engaged throughout the book. SBWC will be reviewing the next in the series, we want to know what happens, and who Desiree chooses, and why.

Extra: We thank the author for actually having her main character meet these men in public places, and not invite them directly to her home. She had her use common sense, which we applauded. Some of us in the club have used dating apps, and some of us have not. This book gave us a chance to have a more in-depth conversation about safety and the fact that pictures lie. The person in that picture may not be the one you are actually talking too. Be safe!

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Richmond, Virginia

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