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Thinking Out Loud   *Role Models, Perception*

Thinking Out Loud

*Role models, Perception*

Yesterday, I had the chance to sit and relax with a cup of coffee and a little television. I know that some are like that’s no biggie. However; it is to me, I started babysitting, my grandchildren until they return to school. Come, on school! With the new duty; I found it hard to do certain things that I liked. and I couldn’t do them peacefully with the kids here. Such as; watch, television or sip, that nice cup of coffee.

Okay, so the babies were coming over later in the morning! I grabbed a cup of Joe and clicked on the TV. My show in the mornings when I watch TV is Good Morning America (GMA). I love the show and all of the host/reporters, and how professional they all are.

Remember; I’m, *Thinking Out Loud*

Rhonda Rousey appeared as a guest on the show. Amy one of the host/reporters escorted her to a room where she was to be a surprise for some guest. Let me be clear; Rousey didn’t know that guests were there beforehand either. Neither party knew that the other would be there! The guests were a group of young female wrestlers.

I can’t recall if they were in high school or college. While Amy was escorting Rousey, down the hall to the young ladies. I kept saying to the screen; “wow, what an honor to meet your idol, a role model in the field you love.” I was thinking about what they would probably ask her, and the advice that she could give them. I also couldn’t wait to see everyone’s reactions; I knew that waterworks were coming. Spontaneous and surprise, reactions are the best. Amy, had Rousey knock on the door first, then they walked inside.

Stay with me, this is why I’m *Thinking Out Loud*

When Rousey, walked, in that room. The young ladies did not notice her right away, they were performing moves. When Amy got their attention; the ooh’s, grabbing cheeks, hands over a mouth, excited eyes, and huge smiles all happened at once. Rousey stood a little away from the door, but a significant distance away from those same fans that were in that room excited over seeing her. My coffee was forgotten at that point, I asked the television screen “what the hell is she doing?”

Rhonda Rousey stood, a secure distance away from the young ladies. I say secure or safe because of her body language and stance. Rousey stood with her legs braced apart, arms stretched out in front of her body, with her hands lightly clasped. Her don’t approach me stance, and the distance was what bothered me. Not to mention the fake, stiff, smile that came a little too late.

I do realize that some watching will let Rousey’s reaction go. I can’t! Amy, the host/reporter, did an excellent job of engaging, the young ladies and directing, the conversation. The camera person closed in on everyone, giving you the illusion that Rousey may have stepped forward more towards the ladies…Not! Nothing excused the caution sign that was on this woman. I got angry; as I realized these young ladies had started to feel or understand that something was wrong in Rousey’s reaction. They didn’t ask for a hug, or try to grab her; they knew to keep their distance. Their faces said; what none of them could voice; the shine left their eyes, and those huge smiles drifted away. Rousey hadn’t even attempted to shake their hands before the first commercial break.

*Thinking Out Loud*

To say the least; I was no longer interested in watching anything about this woman. What I watched shocked and sickened me. You see; I was one of those that liked the little I knew about her. Reason; she was a woman, kicking ass in a field that normally, don’t do much to support the female athletes. The same for Laila Ali; best female boxer out there, and she didn’t get the recognition I felt she deserved. Look at the U.S. Women’s Soccer team; over ten years of bringing it home and they still don’t get any decent recognition. I can go on, and list women from just about every sport; from Tennis to Track and Field.

After watching that same piece several times yesterday, I realized that I can never support anything that woman does. I will not support what I see as racist behavior. Oh; you read that correctly. What other reason for not shaking those ladies hands upon entering that room, and for standing so far back, that one would have assumed that they were contagious, or that the black would rub off on her. Did I not mention that the ladies were black! I put the GMA link below to their website, and the air date was August 1, 2018. Go, check it out.

I am closing this out with these final words. Be careful who you support, follow, endorse, and so on. What you see on the outside- may not be who they actually are. I felt for those young ladies. I hope that they realized how special they are and that Rousey showed them what they do not want to become or emulate. I will be doing a follow-up video later on this...until then.

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Richmond, Virginia

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