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ROWENA… My current work in progress.

I have received several emails through my website about Rowena , and what’s taking so long to get her out there? For those who do not know me, I have been writing this story since the end of 2016. I put it down to finish other projects that I was working on. During the fall of 2017, I picked Rowena up again and went to work. My girl has been through (3) sets of beta reader and (2) proofreaders, line edits, and now rewrites. No, I am not having a confidence issue with Rowena. This will be my best work yet, wait and see!

When I picked Rowena, back up, I had clear eyes, and it was like I knew which way I wanted that story to go, without being pushed or guided. I instantly, knew how I wanted this woman’s character to be, the people around her, and her world. That was the easy part; next came building her character based on who I wanted her to be, describing her, and figuring out what made her tick?

I’ve done several rewrites on Rowena! Trying to establish what she is and what the hell she wants to accomplish. She is not a love story, nor is she a science fiction read. She does not speak Ebonics and rarely uses slang. What and who is she? Read the damn book when it drops to find out, rate, and review it as well. Ok, I know! Rowena is a drama, thriller, action, covert, and suspense.

So, bare with me on this journey! I did get her book cover just about done. It still needs some tweaks here and there in my opinion. That’s another thing that has taken over a year! But hey, it’s worth it.

Here’s a little from Rowena, it may be rough, but you will get the idea!

[The world had changed since the affluent thought they were taking over. There way of taking over helped, to destroy a country that was already at its tipping point. People, who were already poor, broke down, and suffering decided one day that they needed to band together, and they started to fight the affluent back. This country was on the brink of another civil war, until key members from both sides got together, and demanded that the violence stop, that everyone work together to save the country.

Did working together bring peace to everyone? Hell no; the poor are still struggling to make it, while the affluent are still greedy, and getting greedier. Old scars stay present unless they are worked on and rubbed out! The bars decorating the windows are a reflection of the times. Those old scars are kept visible by the affluent. They found new ways to wage war on those not like them.

Besides the bars that decorate the doors and windows. Businesses have retina security scans, ‘just to buy food, you have to look through a store's retina security system before they let you pass.' Imagine that scan determining whether your family eats or not? We went from one war to another.

We have more locked doors now, new ways of keeping people out, and down. Technology; we are a country that feeds other counties homeless and less fortunate instead of our own. But we developed key technology! Technology; that most of our citizens can’t afford to get, leaving them to struggle day by day, just to eat, watch tv, and go to a doctor. The advancements in technology should have benefited the whole country, instead; It just gave the affluent more power.]

[ The enemy from with end finally decided to play their or should we say her hand after vehicle three had put a few miles between them and their assailants by shooting through the passenger side seat and hitting Rowena on the side. Not thinking about the wound and grabbing the seat belt, Rowena slipped it around Porsha’s neck in an attempt to choke the bitch to death.

Drake grabbed Katherine moving her closer to him and away from the fight. Porsha’s legs are kicking the dashboard and the window; she was doing her best to use her legs to break Rowenas hold on that damn seatbelt. Rowena comes almost to a standing position in the car in an attempt to get her arm around Porsha’s neck. The gun in Porsha’s hand comes up so quickly, barely giving Rowena time to jerk her head back out of the way. Katherine screamed, and a grunt could be heard coming from Drake.

Rowena removes her arm from around Porsha’s neck; bring her arm up so that the flat of her hand (palm) smashes into Porsha’s wrest. This action caused the gun to fire in the direction of the driver, who all this time was leaning against the door praying for dear life. Both women spare no time watching his brains perform a beautiful art pattern on the driver side window as they battled each other for life and death.

Rowena and Porsha’s’ battle continued until the truck flew off the road into an abandoned building crashing. As the SUV came to a stop, the occupants could her Marcel on the handheld asking for an update/status and that she was finally clear of the threats that had been following her.]

[Her first mistake was thinking that I was going to be easy, her second was letting her anger guide her momentum. I sidestepped Porshas charge, at the same time bringing up my hand, allowing my blade to make a clean swipe across her throat. “That’s for my sisters’ bitch,” I told her as her momentum carries her pass me.

I turned on the balls of my feet and watched her stop and stand still. a look of surprise blossom on her face, as she grabs her throat with both hands and looks at the blood running down the front of her shirt. Blood trickles through her fingers, down…down the front of her shirt, what was once white now looks pink in the moonlight. Splat, splat…the sound her blood makes as it hits the ground.]

Now, do you see why I am rewriting and taking my time? I have some in the third person and in the first person. I’m trying to see which sounds better to me. Some parts sound better in first and others in third. Below is a look at my book cover for Rowena. Every time I look at it I want to add some clouds!


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