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Social media platforms can be used to market yourself, and your brand. As an entrepreneur; it is important to share, your product to as many people as possible, to promote brand awareness. Honestly, how else will/would people know what you sell or do, if you do not advertise it in some way? Marketing is the key! Using social media should be an obvious choice.

However; many people/company’s do not take advantage of their social media platforms. This is not to say, that everyone who uses social media as a marketing tool will be successful, I am saying that it is worth a try, and there is minimum cost besides your time if you research it first.

Social Media Platforms






YouTube, and many more…

Whether your platform is large or small, use it to promote, advertise, and market yourself. On many of the social media sites, you can join like-minded groups, and share information about your item. On page 44, of Kim’s Do it Yourself Guide to Self-publishing. I provided a schedule (my schedule) about how/when I market my books. My schedule has changed since writing that book and Dedication!

What I have learned through trial, error, advice from others, and plenty of research. Is that the key to marketing, in my opinion, is getting people to share your post, your tweets, and so on. Now don’t get me wrong; I welcome and love all of the likes, but I get excited when I see that my book promo had been shared by someone. That share allows my book to travel in a new feed or thread; it also could open my book up, to a potential new market.

Building your Brand

Alexandra, of Allies Candles, discussed why branding is important. She made her candles by hand and described how important this is to her customers. How they like knowing the type of waxes and wicks she is using to make her candles. How her jars are unique in shapes and sizes, and how she even perfumes the wax. I found it interesting that she is/has branded herself by how she makes her candles.

When I talk about her candles, I always tell people about the scent, and how long it lasts. ‘I purchased candles from her back in September 2017, and the scent is just as strong now as it was back then’. This is in my opinion branding. I know that each candle I buy in the future from Allies Candles, will have a strong scent that can fill a room and that the scents last and do not fade away after a few months.

Alexandra is supposed to provide us with more information on branding how and why. Stay tuned… you can contact her at or Facebook@allies candles

I have covered and shared what I do to market myself and my books for a while now. It has never been over a long period of time. But; yeah, there is a but, I was asked to get into marketing and talk about what I really do. Over the next few months, I will be talking about my marketing information. Many of you, who have my DIY guide, know what I did in the beginning.

I will be adding to that information on here! Normally, the workshops are once a month, they will stay the same. To add this information on, I will post once every week or two… You guys know I don’t like spam-so I will not be doing that to you!

If you have enjoyed this Talk Session as always, please share and like.


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