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*What is the definition of publishing? Another questioned that gets asked a lot, how, can I publish?

Publish or publishing- to issue (printed or otherwise reproduced textual or graphic material, computer software, etc.) for sale or distribution to the public.

What do publishers do? I would think that most publishers are in the business to make acquisitions, copy editing, production, printing (and its electronic equivalents), marketing, and distribution.

I found two different types of Publishers

Paid- Also called Vanity Publishers. The client or Author pays them for all of their services. Their service can include, editing, marketing, formatting, and use of the website or other such services.

Nonpaid- normally, the paid publishers, are those that will offer, or provide a contract with the author for their work. This contract will negotiate and include at times future written work, advance payments, and royalties. Most nonpaid publishers will take all the responsibility to edit, market, and distribute the authors work. There do not seem to be any hidden fees, with this group of publishers. Of course; I may be wrong, so please always do your research before signing anything with anyone.

As I always say, please do your own research! Do not rely on the opinion of others for answers. If there is anything that you have read that you feel is incorrect in this Talk Session, let me know.

Knowledge is a powerful weapon!


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