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*January 2018, Free Advertisement*

If you’re interested in any of the companies/people below, contact them, and please share, someone else may be interested as well.

Please note: That my sharing these people/businesses does not mean that I am endorsing them or that I have worked or used these companies or products. When I use a service, I will gladly let you know! As always, do your own research!! Happy Shopping!

McKinley Tucker Jr

Legal Shield

Maya Harris; CEO

Lama Learning

Sylvia Edmonds CEO

Broken Women Foundation

P.O. Box 35551, North Chesterfield, VA 23235

Old Dominion Pediatrics

9323 Midlothian TP, Suite E

Richmond, VA 23235


Helena Richardson; Web strategist

The Childress Agency

Dr. Mark Bickerton O.D.

W.P. Vision Care

8107 Midlothian TP

Richmond, VA 23235

Kerwyn S Phillip


2108 W. Laburnum Ave, Suite 115

Richmond, VA 23227

Quick & Easy Cleaners & Laundry Inc.

1301 Hull Street

Richmond, VA 23224


Cece’s Hair Braiding & Weaving

1417 Hull Street

Richmond, VA 23224


As always, please share…


Writer, Self-Published Author

Founder of Southside Book and Writers Club



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