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Event Checklist, Do/Should You Have One?

Do you have an event checklist, cheat sheet? A list that keeps you organized on the go and could possibly make your world easier. If do not have any type or form of a checklist, and find yourself always forgetting important things (pens, business cards, credit card processor, speaker notes). Then you may want to develop a checklist!

What should you include on your checklist? The example below is based on me and what I put together the night before an event. Everything I do now, I learned through trial and error.


  • My Motivation

  • Dedication

  • DIY Guide

(15 to 20 copies of each) I know; that sounds like a lot of books. However, it is better to have too many than not enough!

I ran out of books at an event; I had researched, and followed this guy who recommended that you only needed 3 to 5 books when doing an event, right! Well, I ran out after selling (5) books and looked like a fool or idiot in my own opinion. I did not leave the event. Instead, I focused on passing out my business cards and talking to people for the next 3 hours. Honestly; we don’t think at times if I had really thought things through about that particular advice. I would have questioned, myself about the what if’s! What if’s are in every situation we come across, they are your checks and balances! Had I been thinking, I would have thought (5) books, the event is five hours, and what the hell do I do if I sell out of books?

Promotional Materials

  • Banner

  • Postcards

  • Business cards

  • book Club Info

  • Brochures.

Table Décor

  • Decorative Cloths

  • Stands/Frames/Easels

  • Bags/Rose Petals/Tissue Paper

  • Candy

  • Butterflies

  • Tape (clear)

Table (Business) Setup

  • Computer/Tablet

  • Cash/Change

  • Receipt Book

  • Credit Card Reader

  • Ink Pens (black or blue)

  • Notepad


  • Chargers (phone, tablet, computer, speakers)

  • Bottled Water

  • Umbrella (universal use)

  • Sweater

  • Sunblock (outdoor events)

  • Sandwich

  • Dolly

  • Power cord

  • Tennis shoes (comfortable shoes)

I know that some of you are thinking that this is one long list! However, I’ve learned that this is everything, or just about everything I need whenever I do an event. Important: food and water is a must, you just don’t know if you will have time to leave your booth or table to grab something to eat, especially when you are by yourself. My dolly is another important piece of equipment; I keep it in my car. It makes it easier to transport all of my items back and forth.

I hope that my checklist has given you an idea or a starting point for building your own checklist. Doing this will make you more productive and of course, organized. As always, if you found this Talk Session helpful, let me know and please share.

Author, Self-Published Writer

Founder of Southside Book and Writers Club



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