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Step up, Step out, and Move Forward!!!

The title of this Talk Session is true for anyone! Especially true for entrepreneurs like me, who write books and chose to self-publish instead of using a brick and mortar company.

Being an entrepreneur is not easy! Do you think that the first person to start a printing press, bakery, or a grocery store hung around waiting for customers to come to them? Hell no, they hit the pavement, walked the streets as they say, and talked to everyone about their new business, ideas, or company. That’s the same mentality any entrepreneur should have. That drive, determination, and common sense to know that in order for you to first succeed at something, you must first try it.

  • Step-up ~ Show and share your dream/business.

  • Step-out ~ Pursue that dream/business.

  • Move forward ~ Develop that dream/business

Step-up ~ if you have a desire to be an entrepreneur or work for yourself. First, figure out what your passion is. That passion is that dream or business you desire or have desired for years. Take that idea out of your head, and place it on paper. Research your idea!

Step-out ~ next how do I get my passion started or where do I start to build on that passion? If you have a sounding board (someone, people to throw ideas out to), talk about your passion, gather feedback, and opinions. Next plan how to start your passion (dream/business), chose a date and time, and start networking. Step-up and Step-out go together; after all the research and information gathering. Outline your business approach (business plan)! Your business plan will change and evolve to show all that you are doing, will do, and have yet to do. A business plan can be one sheet to many, and a good one constantly changes reflecting the changing times and your engagement in the company and its growth!

Move forward ~ you’ve started your passion (dream/business). Now it is time to get the word out and advertise. Stop thinking that you have to be popular, famous, and rich in order to advertise your dream/business. That’s just plain foolishness, especially from those who are too scared, insecure and lack the confidence to push their own selves out. Remember everyone has/had a starting point; you and I are no exceptions to that rule. I bet you can research this as well, this rule has never changed!!!

  • Social Media

  • Face to Face

  • Fairs, Festivals

  • Printed Materials~ Flyers, Business cards, Post cards, Brochures

Before writing this Talk Session, I had actually started writing on another topic from the workshop my book club had this past Saturday. However, I keep seeing these posts on Facebook and Twitter from people, who ask writers who are not famous not to share their work or book links? They feel what; that it is tacky, shameful, or what to advertise yourself if your name is not written in stars.

To that I say; please do not listen to individuals who are dumber than a bag of hammers, and have no brain inside those shells they carry on their shoulders. Of course; they love to make stupid comments.

You know they think that they are right. However, we know the truth, they are dumbasses; and you and I personally need to unfollow and Unfriend them, before we catch what they have (stupidity). I have unfollowed, unfriended many, and will continue to do so. I will not hold myself back because of another's hangups and insecurities.



Move forward, in all that you do in life period! Don’t let others dictate your momentum!!

As always if you have enjoyed this Talk Session, please share


“Who am I you ask? I am that strong black person, who stands on the backs of my ancestor's achievements, proudly and unapologetic. I stand with an erect spine pointing to the stars with pride, dignity, and respect.” Anonymous


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