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Guilty is a work of fiction that reads like a newspaper headline or that breaking news story. It’s a story not only about abuse and different forms of abuse. Guilty gives the reader a look at domestic abuse, mental abuse, and physical abuse. Guilty is also a story of survival, faith, and standing up to right wrongs, a story about people coming together to protect, love, and nourish one another in harsh climates and hard times.

The story had a very real feel to it, you feel like going along and playing amateur detective along with the cops in the story. You know; trying to figure out the clues as the scenes unfolded. That’s how real the story felt when reading; you thought that you were watching a television show. The characters were well developed from the victims to the criminals. The author did make you wonder up until the end if justice would be served and if it was what would be the cost to the victims and their families.

Guilty made you feel for Rose, Lindsey, and Jonas. You cheered them on when they took a step forward. You cringed when they got pushed back three spaces. You felt for the characters in this story! Some parts of the story you didn’t want to read, but you knew that you had too; you, of course, had to know!

Guilty is a worthy read, very realistic, good pace, and an attention getter and holder. The club gives it 4-stars and looks forward to more from this author.

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