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Oh, you read the title correctly! I asked are you having fun yet, are you enjoying what you do, and do you find it fulfilling?

Writing, publishing a book, self-publishing, and becoming an author should have you feeling elated and excited. If you are not feeling that way, then something is wrong with the path you have chosen. I say this because I have noticed a trend sort of among writers. So far I have seen two types of individuals (authors); one is morbid, stressed, always negative, and has that microwave mentality for how big they feel they should be and the length of time of course for them to get there!

The other side of that coin is more carefree, open, developed, mature mentally, happy, and excited when it comes to writing and publishing. The behaviors I have noticed come from people who are published traditionally and self-published. So please do not think that it is just one group, or should I say demographic? Now, there are probably more than just those labels, I can only speak on the two that I have encountered so far.

I am one of those people that believe that you should enjoy what you do. When I worked for the public school system, I enjoyed what I did in the guidance department. Some days it would be total chaos, but at the end of those days, I always felt accomplished, as if I defeated a huge monster or climbed that outrageous mountain. I feel this way about my writing; I smile even when I am frustrated because I am doing what I love, on my terms, and this is for me. I ask again, are you having fun?

Why am I not having fun?

First, try to determine why you are not having fun-whats wrong. Answering that question may point you in the direction of the problem. If it is not one particular thing but many, tackle the one with the easiest solution. Problems and distractions get easier to handle when/if you tackle them one at a time in my opinion.

I know this Talk Session may not offer the type of advice you want, a book review, or a book club update. However, if you are not having any fun while you write or are trying to write, then this change up may benefit you greatly. I tagged several post that do hand in hand with this one. If you are not happy, you may not be focused and your work/business suffers.

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As a side note: I'm leaving a few pictures of the Richmond Virginia~RVA event I attended last weekend. The event was long, tiresome, and I did not sell one book. However, I still had fun; I networked with fellow authors, admired some amazing book covers and books, and learned some new skills to boost my marketing knowledge.

Kim L. Walton, Silk White, Whitney Gillespie

Richmond, VA Urban Literary Festival

Author Shanae

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