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I am asked a lot about how I prepare; no, how I manage my time to write, with my family and other duties that could and do distract me. Finding time to write is hard, much harder than I expected. If someone had told me that, I would wake up in the middle of the night, wide-awake and start to write because my mind or body knew that I would not be bothered at that time. I probably would have laughed it off, really I would have. However, they would be correct, your body and mind know when it is time to write. I tend to do more writing in early morning hours, probably because everyone is asleep and it is a time of peace and quiet.

If you find yourself having trouble, finding the time you need to write. Take a seat and write out what you do every day, break down your schedule in minutes/hours if possible. The easiest things to list would be your job (working hours) and (kids activities), if necessary plan a time to write or just a time to sit and be still and let the ideas and writing come. Work around the parts of your schedule you just can not change no matter what. I bet you find that you actually have a few hours that you could commit to writing. Schedule your writing as if you where scheduling your bills (budgeting), you get the idea.

I have also learned that you cannot force it; writing I mean, it just has to come as they say. Inspiration can hit at any time; just like it may strike me at night, or I could be at the park with the grandbabies and ideas for scenes or a sentence just pops into my head. I try to keep a pen and paper around, a little notebook or something to write with at all times.


(Tip) I believe in using calendars, agendas, or both of these tools together. They can help anyone become consistent, organized, and more productive without feeling overworked or overwhelmed. (I have mentioned this previously)

  • Calendars

  • Agendas

  • Post it notes

  • A buddy system (support, someone to run ideas by, and you get different viewpoints)

  • Phone (pictures, take notes and memos, record voice)

  • Mini tape recorder

  • Napkin~ you may be eating and inspiration hits (yeah)

As always; if you find this information helpful, please share…share

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