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*Someone once told me that the outside, does not always show what’s inside*

What an awesome day for the book club. We first conducted a workshop at the library on 25th street(Richmond, VA); this was the first one and a learning experience for all involved. I shared what I used when I first started writing as a teen, or what I was taught as a teen. The goal of the book club is to conduct this workshop/meeting once a month or every other month at this location. Stay tuned for more details; I am still figuring out how to work it into the schedule on a regular basis.

After the workshop I stopped at the hull street library in support of Silk White (author); wow what an awesome, talented, and diverse young man. I am glad that I got the chance to meet him! Motivation can come from anyone or anything, this afternoon this young man motivated and inspired me. Did you know that he writes action, street lit(urban), drama with a hint of romance, and children’s books? *Someone once told me that the outside, does not always show what’s inside*

Let me tell you some of the titles this young man has written:

  • The Teflon Queen novel

  • The Serial Cheater

  • 48 Hours to Die: An Anthony Stone Novel

  • Married to da streets

Now that small list above is just a few of this young man’s work. When you read those titles, you see a diverse writer, showing you different skills, to attack different genres. Oh yeah, he also writes children books! As I looked over his books, I kept saying to myself that is my goal. To become that diverse writer, not locked or placed in a group or corner.

I want to write what I feel and Silk White has shown me that you can and that there is nothing wrong with that. Write what you feel and not what people expect. Write for the love of writing, and for that story inside of you that you want to share.

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A few pictures of one of my daughters and I at Silk Whites book event.

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