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A. Kim L. Walton’s My Motivation pulls me in with her conflict-driven plot, from lovers’ quarrels to tragic events that befall the naïve but levelheaded protagonist, Sandra. Sandra is a self-aware young woman who overcomes a tragic event in high school that left her hanging by a thread. Though she is scarred from it, as a strong-willed person, she does not sit and stew on it. Also, raised and guided by strong grandparents, especially her Nanny—her grandmother—she channels her pain and suffering into self-improvement. Nothing occupies one’s mind and says improvement than a fresh start in college, work, and new friends. Not to mention, whether innately or instilled in her, she is motivated and driven. She has a good head on her shoulders.

B. I read the book. I totally enjoyed it. It was written in contemporary English which made it an easy read. It is like Revelations. It tells the young adults the right way to act in a relationship and the consequences of not acting right. Your main character had both experiences and clearly illustrated that message to the young adults.

There are two loose ends that I like to mention.

Paternity: As reported, Motivation is the product of a rape but soon afterwards consensual unprotected sex follows. It is possible that Motivation is the product of consensual sex. A woman is most likely to have unprotected consensual sex when she is ovulating. The fact that Sandra engaged in sex in such an irrational manner, suggest that the force of nature was at play and thus very vulnerable. It would be good to use science to determine paternity for the psychological, financial and genealogical benefit of Motivation. Explore these issues in Motivation 2 or the New Sandra.

Hummer: I was unable to tell how the Hummer was obtained. Perhaps through illegal means. Sandra's thriftiness is contrasted with conspicuous consumption.

In Motivation 2, show the young adults the benefits of thriftiness and the harm of conspicuous consumption.Your writing is a savior to many young adults.Best wishes for the Holidays and in your writing.

C. Life is hard enough for young girls today without the added pressures of growing up too fast. My Motivation tells the story of a high school girl faced with the decision of whether or not to have sex with her boyfriend for the first time. But when she realizes he’s been cheating on her, Sandra’s self- respect clicks in and she sends him on his way.There are good lessons in this story for young girls everywhere: lessons about pride, self-respect, and the consequences of playing with fire. If these lessons were heeded, there would be a lot fewer teen pregnancies and a lot more productive young women.

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