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Today I was on the Facebook UK book page. I was looking at the books advertised and also getting ready to promote my own books. Well as I was scrolling the page, a book jumped out at me. Well, the description jumped out at me, a novelette called Fling Confessionals: Erin. The description was not smoking hot, and the cover didn’t have tits and ass plastered all over it.

The author had the book posted for 99 cents. Excellent price right…well, I think so, I purchased it. I haven’t popped the book open yet. However, my anticipation of some good sex scenes (realistic, hot and steamy) is driving me crazy. See, I love a good erotic read. The type that can pull you in and then make you go jump your partner. The way a good erotica should be in my opinion, and yes, I have read many.

I hope the story is an original one. I am tired of picking up so-called erotic reads, just to find out that the author almost wrote word for word a Rosemary Rogers books. I am a fan of Ms. Rosemary Rogers, that woman can write some good stuff. I first started reading her books in the 70’s. Yeah, I am an old head, and I know my erotic reads. No, you will not see Fifty Shades of Grey on my bookshelf or even on my tablet. I got through barely one chapter, which was given to me to read! Nope, I like and love original works, not knock offs, especially half ass knock offs at that.

Now back to the news. I will not be reading my treat for a few weeks. This treat is to be saved for the book club’s pleasure. South-side Book and Writers Club will review its first erotic read, between April 15th and May 15th.

As I always say, share and support your indie authors


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