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My seven-year-old grandson is currently fixated on the word Agenda and all the ways that people use the word. So one night; he saw me crossing items out of my daily planner, and asked why was I changing my plans. I explained that since I had gotten over the flu, I was feeling a little overwhelmed with my workload. So, I needed to reorganize and make some changes. My grandson kindly patted my shoulder and said, Nana, you need a new agenda! Point taken!

There goes that damn light bulb!

My grandson was absolutely right; I needed a new agenda. I sat down and started to list my weekly and daily activities again. I listed everything from doctor’s appointments, to going to the grocery store. Have you ever looked; at your day from a pair of fresh eyes, and realized that you are busy as shit? Well, that’s me; my time or day will start from 4, or 6 am, it just depends on the body and how long it will let me sleep.

From there I am off and running all day! Even on the days where I do not need to leave the house. I found that my daily activities are just as bad or worse. Let’s move on…I can get sidetracked you know.

What is an Agenda~ says it’s a list, plan, or outline of things to be done. We knew that right.

What is a said that it is a book or calendar where one would record their daily or weekly activities (appointments). We knew this right.

The Search for the Perfect Planner

Is there any such thing? If one more person tells me that you have to try something, because of its all the rave. I am going to split hairs literally! Hell no, there is no such thing as the perfect planner. I have a spiral planner; it's old (ancient), I just buy the paper to refill it. However, I also use Evernote and Yahoo calendar to stay organized. What I like about Evernote and Yahoo Calendar, is the fact that I can sync them to my phone or another device. I currently use Evernote on my tablet and PC more than my phone.

Nevertheless; as my granny would say, it is always good to have a back-up or paper copy. That’s why I keep my spiral on hand as well. If the phone dies; this has happened to me, all I have to do is open up that physical planner. Besides appointments, I also have contact phone numbers, addresses, and emails.

There are many different programs/calendars one can use to stay organized:

1. Google

2. Yahoo

3. Physical Wall Calendar

4. Planner

5. (check out their apps)

6. (check out their apps)

Of course, there are many more resources out there for us to use in keeping our daily lives organized. What I listed is what I use and what I know. The sites that I listed; also have free or trial apps that can be useful. If you know of an app that can help us stay organized, please share that information.


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