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*Book Editors~How do we find that one, which fits our needs and wallets?* Part One

I know that I have a good book already out (My Motivation). Could it be better? Of course, it could be a little better. That is why this Talk Session is about editing? Many self-published writers are also starving artist; yes, that is my opinion. We cannot afford to pay an editor $10 grand to review a seven-thousand-word piece of work. Take notice of the use, of the word we in that last sentence!

I have talked to many self-published writers, who have told me that they save while writing their books. I agree with this; I do the same, save while I am writing. Many writers that I know have two jobs, a 9 to 5 and writing. Yeah, the 9 to 5 pays for the writing and so on. So how do you find that editor, that will not break your wallet?

First Save Up

Try to save something during your writing process. I personally think that it will make your world better. After you have finished writing your book, take your savings for editing, and start to look for an experienced editor. This part can lead to frustration, especially when you hire someone and they give you dodo in return. Don't give up...keep looking.

So how do we find that editor that fits our needs that will not take us to the bank? I have learned that it is by trial and error. Be careful of the big and little companies. The wrong person, whether they are with a company or they freelance, can set you back. Therefore, again I say that finding, an editor that fits your needs is by trial and error.

The Search

To make things easier, or that search more reasonable price wise. Look at several companies or free-lance editors. Make a comparison if you can, on their prices and work. I know that it may be hard to get the work that someone may have done. However, if it's a book or magazine article, get it and look it over. The more you can look over a person’s work. The better it will be for you and them if they are an option.

Besides checking someone’s work, if they have references check those too. I have read where some editors and writers find it to be tasteless when you ask for references or proof of work? Well, to them I say, you can come on over and pay for me then. Hell, if that is the case why does the 9 to 5 job ask for previous employment? Let’s get our heads out of our ass or whomever ass its stuck in and deal with the real world! If you want references or whatever, then get them, be damn with others.

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