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*Dedication~ Sandra and Maxwell’s Theme Song*

Dedication~ Sandra and Maxwell’s Theme Song

Jeffery Osborne (The First Time I Made Love It)

The first time I made love It

wasn't love at all Didn't

know what to feel it, didn't seem real That's

all I can recall

I thought that's all there was Now

I know so much more

Now I know I never really made love before

I'll tell you when I knew The

last time I made love I, made it with you The

first time we made love It

was all that it could be Your

soul in mine suspended, in time Blended


The magic that we made Is

something that lives on Refusing

to die though, I try to believe it's gone Once

truth is always true The

last time I made love I, made it with you Now

lovers come and go People

give themselves so easily But

through it all how sweet it is No

matter what I do when, there's someone new That

last time I made love I made it with you

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