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*Just thinking out loud!*

The Dark Knight Rises (2012) Christian Bale

This was by far one of the best Batman series to hit the big screen, besides my old-school favorite with Michael Keaton.

In the Dark Knight Rises, Bane has taken over the city. Commissioner Gordon goes to the home of the police captain, who has hidden himself away because he is scared. Okay but a bomb is about to go off, which will level the city. So why…why would you hide in the house and wait to die? Commissioner Gordon states, “We the citizens within our city have to fight, that is how we win this war against a criminal like Bane. We cannot lie down and wait to die, if we work together there is a chance that we can be successful or we die trying.”

What I took away from that statement and no, it is not entirely, what the character said. Was that people have to learn to work together; to reach a common goal, common outcome and never lay down for injustice just because the odds are against you. Many times, I have heard someone say, we should work together. However, that (we) has a habit of turning into me, or what can I get first. Just thinking out loud!

The Dark Knight Rises is my inspiration for today, and all future days I’m blessed to see! My inspiration to one day become that great writer, I know that I have inside of me! That inspiration for standing up and speaking out about social injustices; which affects not only my world but also everyone else’s world around me. This is just me thinking out loud!

I believe that (we) had better learn to work together! Imagine what could be accomplished with genuine cohesiveness and not a scratch my back mentality. Just thinking out loud!

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