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*Southside Book and Writers Club Review of Open Wounds~ Author Christopher Allen*

January 14, 2017

Title: Open Wounds

Author: Christopher Allen

Genre: Poetry, Memoir, Motivational Fiction

Stars: 4

Open Wounds is written in the first person, American (Contemporary) English. It was easy to read, understand, and follow along with the dialogue. The surprising part of this book has to be the fact the author mixed poetry with a memoir writing style. This book gave you the feeling of being at an open mic session, listening to artistry, just with written words. Open Wounds poetry tells a story alone!

However, the other dialogue as a memoir gave the poetry more power, more meaning. The authors writing style is different, but it works. Readers gain insights into the life of the author. The author's use of metaphors and analogs, bring life to the pages for the readers. The author has put his life in words (loss, growth, and Wounds). You could feel the writers love, pain, reflection, hatred, wonder, and self-discovery in every page.

The divine interventions section will have you reflecting, on your own life. How at any moment things could have changed or gone differently during your journey. Readers will find themselves relating to how one event or circumstances could cause a downward spiral. At the end of the book, you felt has if you knew the author or could definitely relate to him.

The book cover of Open Wounds is misleading, or it can throw you off. However, the title was accurate for the words written inside. This is a book full of surprises, which will make you cry, smile, and reminisce. For young boys/men’s in today’s world, who will have to face or have faced the same challenges that are mentioned in this book. This book should be placed in their hands as a must read for male empowerment!

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