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*The History of Self-Publishing*

*The History of Self-Publishing*

Yes, let's jump right in, self-publishing is not new! It is not a new fad, new trend, or a new way to get your work out to the public. People, meaning writers did not decide one day to jump on and ride a new Ferris wheel that was in town.

Writers have been self-publishing their work for centuries, decades, and years. Of course, with the age of technology or shall I say the boom of technology, self-publishing has been made easier. It still cost and at times, the price will be very costly. However, there are so many more options today to choose from, when it comes to self-publishing.

Back in the day, writers did not have a computer, the internet, email, or even a blog for them to publish their work on. Now; besides print books, we have all of these options available. Which, I for one, am thankful for. I appreciate the fact that besides printing books. I can new reach an audience by uploading an eBook.

I realize that you have those, who think that self-publishing appeared in what, 2003 or 2004? That would be incorrect; writers have been self-publishing their work since 1759 and probably before that date! Go figure, who knew that they could do, such a thing like that back in the day?

In 1759-1767- Laurence Sterne self-published Tristram Shandy

1931- The Joy of Cooking was self-published

Above and below are links that reference authors such as Virginia Wolfe who self-published. The purpose of this talk is to educate those that fill that if an individual chooses to self-publish. They are not good enough, or their work is not good enough for a traditional publishing company. We know that this is not true! People self-publish for many reasons, for me it was the freedom to write what I wanted. For others, it could be that their work will not be censored…freedom period!

Ben Franklin was another author who self-published his own work.

The only problem, I could find when researching self-publishing was the lack of Black Authors. It was hard just to find one Black Author with an actual date and title. However, back then that was to be expected, in my sincere opinion!

One of my favorite authors growing up was Richard Wright. I had no idea that he had work published in local magazines and newspapers as a teen. Can you see society giving him any credit or recognition in 1931, for he was/is a black man

As this talk session ends, please remember to support your independent or self-published authors. Stop thinking negative about our choice to publish our own work. Appreciate it instead and embrace the creativity that it takes to accomplish such a monumental task. Reflect on this; a writer’s resources pay for everything, at times those resources are spread around and can be very thin. It takes courage and planning to do what we do, especially for those who want it done right and want to keep feeding our families.

I have read some excellent books over the years. Yes, many were by independent authors. So embrace, motivate, and inspire our indies!


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