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*My Motivation*

*My Motivation*

Someone asked me why My Motivation, or why I wrote the book in the first place. Almost seven years ago now…I got sick.Two and a half years ago, my sickness got so bad I could not work. I was physically sick, which led to me becoming mentally sick you know! What I mean by mentally sick is, when my hair fell out, and I couldn’t get out of bed.

(Ramble)I got depressed; people would tell me that you just anxious Kim. The hell I was, I realize now, that I was depressed. Well, I started reading old composition books that I had written in. I had poems, short stories, whatever I thought I had written down Lol. Those words in the books took my mind off of my body’s changes, and they calmed my mind.

I started writing again, at first it was doodles, dreams, fears, fantasy’s, mistakes, regrets, and what ifs. It felt good, my mind was focused now on the next paragraph, the next page. This would be the first time in forty plus years that I did not get up and go to work somewhere. My motivation helped me handle that and more. I started really looking at my health, life, and surroundings.

My Motivation is my labor of love, confidant, friend, even my lover. She sat with me on the nights I just couldn’t sleep no matter how weary my body was. She was the one that understood when I needed to close the bathroom door and break in private. She was the first one to tell me, you can do this. Yeah, that was in my head Lol.

You get it right, I love My Motivation period. I love, and I am thankful; she reminded me of Kim. Mo told me what I had been through, what I had accomplished, and most importantly, what I had yet to accomplish.

Therefore, Mo is my first work as a writer, and yes, I am a damn writer. The story is not about me, but a story that was inside of me. I told her first, the follow-up is next called Dedication! From there I plan to write period, write whatever story comes out.

I hope I have answered clearly, why I decided to write and why My Motivation stands, regardless of how people view the name or view how bright and beautiful, she shines.

Rise and Fight

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