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Ludacris is one of my favorite rappers. Actually, he is an idol of mines…can I say that? Okay…whatever! From the first time, I heard his music, to sitting down and reading his story. I realized that this guy had is goals together, with drive, determination, and common sense. Ludacris pushed himself and directed his life/career to where he wanted it to go. “From 1998 to 1999, Ludacris recorded and independently released his debut album, Incognegro, launching his own label, Disturbing Tha Peace” (Greenburg, 2012).

As an independent author, I sell my books using not only the internet, but also word of mouth, and different events. So, I appreciate Ludacris’s drive to get himself out there. He felt that he had a good album and that he would only get better over time. “The album sold tens of thousands of copies—many from the trunk of his own car—more than enough to earn the attention of the major labels” (Greenburg, 2012).

Am I looking for a major deal, not right now! However, if it happens, that’s all good too. Until then, or whatever the divine has in-store for me. I will keep on selling from word of mouth, events, and the internet. You know that big name author also sell their books using these methods.

Every book I push out builds my brand. I am serious about branding and leaving a legacy for my children and grandchildren. “When we talk about building brands, we’re not in it for the short run,” he says. “It’s not about getting in and hurrying up and trying to sell something … We get offers all the time; that doesn’t mean we take every offer that comes to us.” (Greenburg, 2012).

To take Ludacris’s words for my own, I am not in this for a short run. A year from now, two years from now, and so-on, I will still be writing books and marketing my brand.

Now you know why I like and admire Ludacris. Whether you listen or like his music, you can’t deny his hustle as they say. That hustle had him walking the beat, selling CDs everywhere he could.

I respect that…

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