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*I am Writing, Just For You (Hattie B. aka Mom)*

Dedication is coming along! My new book is still in the editing phase. I realized that I have learned a lot in the past ten months. Wow, it has not been a year yet, damn sure feels like it. Feels as if; I know…as if, I have been writing and learning about writing for years? Well, I have learned a hell of a lot. My love of literature and literacy started way before now!

This Talk Session is for my Mother. I would like to thank her for paying monthly for those specialized encyclopedias (that’s what she called them). I want to thank her for getting her kids Readers Digest, and Highlights for kids. For making us; watch Mr. Rodgers, PBS, Sesame Street, and The Electric Company. You see; I am writing now, because of what you provided for me as a child. Those shows opened my mind and made my imagination soar.

Those shows helped you teach me how to read, write, and think beyond borders. As I finish editing Dedication, I realized that if not for what my mother did and stood for. I would not be writing, learning, guiding, or sharing information. It all started with her, Dedication is Dedicated to her and her commitment to her children. Thank you to the strong woman who was considered one of the Left Behind Children of Prince Edward County. They may have tried to stop or force you from learning. Apparently, they failed; you have given your children a wealth of knowledge (priceless).

I did say that this Talk Session was all about my Mother lol. I have to thank her for having a bookshelf in her room (supposed to be off limits). That had True Story, True Romance, and Confessions magazines. True Story magazine or company was started around 1919! Oh yeah; many of the stories written, were by self-published writers (you know, somewhere the happy or not so happy housewife)…who knew…how dare they lol!

Again, I Dedicate all that I do and am to my mother! Dedication the follow-up to my Young Adult book My Motivation is coming soon. I’m going to finish Sandra’s story, and afterward, I plan to start my journey by writing much more. My mother loved action movies; she was a fan of Stallone and Sidney Poitier. An unusual mix in my opinion, but hey that was her thing. Therefore, I decided that my next project would be an action series. A series based on strong black women like my mother. I am also doing research on Black Vikings~ story coming in-the-near-future.

My mom always said to give; if you have two, share, that still leaves you with one. I am going to use that motto when it comes to my book club. She would feed, clothe, and shelter anyone free of charge. You went by house rules, but you had food, clothing, and shelter. My book club~ Southside Book and Writers Club will be just like that. I will give, offer, guide, support, and instruct any and everyone free of charge about all I know about books and publishing. ‘She would be proud.'

Peace, Love, and Continued success to all out there following their dreams!

P. S. Love you, mom!

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