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Southside Book and Writers Club January, Book Review

Getting Out Of The Bed by, Whitney Gillespie

Getting Out Of The Bed is a short read. However, it does pack a punch, the advice given on those pages will make you think, and possible process your life. The authors writing style and word usage were different and unique. One of the books stand out quotes was ‘you no longer have to meet expectations,’ can you imagine a world where you could just be yourself and not judged on your individuality? This book would be a good starting point, for counseling young teens and adults who may be depressed, or just need to talk (open-up).

SBWC gave the self-help guide 4 stars! This is clear in your face type of reading, interesting, and mentally challenges you to think.

If you want to know more about the book, click the link below. SBWC, also has a video interview with the author, on their page at Facebook@southsidebookandwritersclub

As I always say, share and share some more...


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