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For those who are just starting to follow me or read my Talk Sessions. I am a strong believer in ‘Doing it Myself,' this does not mean that I diss or dismiss things done by a company or what have you. What it means, is that I take pride in figuring out how to do projects myself. I like to make and grow things from a garden to a handmade rug, hell I make my own laundry detergent. I have been doing this stuff for years, grew up doing it really.

My mother made quilts, clothes, and hair conditioner from eggs, mayonnaise, and honey, gardened, and so much more. Whatever she did not make herself, you can bet that another family member did. I remember watching my grandmother Rebecca make homemade butter, cheese, and that famous Lye soap.

That’s why I asked do you shop craft stores. Well, I was at AC Moore the other day looking around, and wondered what I could use to enhance my table when I do events? I ended up in the yarn section as usually! I started thinking about potential rug colors and designs. Well, a light bulb went off; I’m talking to myself in the mix of all that beautiful yarn and decided to make a display rug for my table.

Yes, I know people have the big fancy banners, covers, or what have you. Why can I not do something different? Is there a rule that says I have to do things the way others are doing it? You know what I did; I made myself a red and white pompom rug for my table. I choose those colors to accent my books and make them stand out, as well as for a conversation starter when people come to my table.

You want to know what; it worked, more people have stopped by in the past two months to admire that rug on my tables. I don’t mind at all, the conversation leads to my table being unique, different, and set apart. How my books just pop and stand out against those colors, who gave you that idea, and where can I get a rug like that from? Which is something I find good, and it has turned into another source of income. A lot of the stuff I make, I normally make for friends, family, and just give it away. Now I make extra for clients!

Do you see how stepping out and offering something different can bring more to you and your life? Hence the title of this Talk Session, go inside of a craft store and figure out how you can accent your event tables, make them more attractive, fun and inviting, and at a reasonable price.

Final Word: Everything you do for your business can yield a positive outcome if you are patient and persistent. Also, be you! People want real and authentic.

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