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This Talk Session is a continuation from the previous two posts. Marketing materials are a necessity to any company and entrepreneur. The key is to market wisely in my opinion and also remember what works for one may not work for another.

I tell people to do their research first, and then decide what marketing methods fit their budget. Once this is done, you then have to research and think about marketing materials, how much is needed, how often it is needed, and of course the price for these materials.

A couple of months ago, I started doing research and looking around for a tabletop sign. I needed a sign that could be used for events. I have a friend who sales Pure Romance Products and she does very well lol. She advised me to check out Walgreens, Vistaprint, and Fiverr. She did mention some others, but those three are the ones I actually looked at. After conducting research on all of these, and yes I use each of these resources anyway. However, when I find out something new, or I am not sure of, I still put in the time to do the research! That may just be me, you know!

I chose to work with Walgreens; I was able to have an 11*14 Poster Board done for $14.99. The pictures were clear, and the symbol I wanted was loaded without problems. I purchased my poster tabletop stand from a local Dollar Store, for a $1. Of course, I could have chosen a more expensive type, style, and size. But I already knew what I needed and how it would fit my table with books, bags, tablet, and other materials I use at events. I also took into account that anything I got; I needed to be able to lift, put together, and maneuver alone.

Many times at events, I see people who need and want help putting up these huge signs and banners, and there is no help to be gotten. I understand this; most events state that you come at a certain time and setup your purchased space! The key words in that contract are your purchased space.

I will say this again, you can choose what you want to market and promote. Just choose wisely and budget for those items. Also, take into account, will I get my money’s worth out of it?

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