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I attended my first business expo. The Black Business Expo, here in my home state of Richmond, Virginia.

Let me first say; thank you to the host of this great event, Divine Domain. Thank you, Divine Domain for hosting this extraordinary event for Black Business owners. I had the chance to meet and network with businesses from not only Virginia but also from Ohio and New York, as well as many other states. The event was well organized and very professional.

The purpose of this Talk Session is not only to discuss my experience with the Black Business Expo. It is also to explain why marketing is important to any company, business, or entrepreneur. Why the expo was so important to my own business. At the time of the expo, I did not feel like going. However, I was prompted to keep to my plans and promote my business to new faces and network with others who know where I am trying to go with my business.

So I did the Black Business Expo! Boy, am I glad that I did. Earlier I said that I networked with like-minded people. But do you know what else I did? I networked with consumers who were truly interested in what I did and what I wrote. Many wanted information and knowledge on self-publishing, how I went about self-publishing, and the history of self-publishing. I had gentle debates about self-publishing and writing. I was challenged, my knowledge tested time, and again by a consumer. Can I tell you that I loved it and would do it all over again!

I had college students, and we know they can be tough customers! Who came to my table and asked “are you the DIY lady, with the book?” When I said , “yes” they let me know that they broke that book down, tore it apart, and then said thank you for being honest and real in the information you shared.

I am going to get to the good part! Every time someone came up to me and said thank you or I did my own research based on what you wrote. The more I started to smile and go “oh wow” to myself!

They purchased my book and then came looking for me at that business expo. Okay, now the good part, I marketed that I would be at that expo. So when someone came up to me, they already knew who I was from my picture in the back of the book. That meant that my marketing and promoting of my books and myself was working.

This Talk Session will be two parts…the next Session will discuss types of marketing and what resources I used to market myself and my books for the Black Business Expo.

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