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In my new book, ‘Kim’s Do It Yourself Guide to Self-Publishing Guidance for Future Independent Authors’ you will not find information about SEO. The reason for this; is that I am just learning about SEO, and its importance when it comes to the internet.

Quick thought: I have learned so much more in the past six months, than what I wrote in the first book. No, I have no plans, for now, to write another DIY, maybe in the future.

Seo~ Search Engine Optimization

What is it? The best definition I found was on Yes, I have fallen for that site and its wealth of information. SEO will help you increase traffic to your website or blog. You’re using keys words to draw traffic in your direction, or your web designer is using keywords to drive traffic to you!

SEO is free if you are doing it yourself. What I mean to say is; if you are like me, doing the majority of your work yourself (FREE). I started building my own website a few months back Yeah, it’s long for now; I have to say that I personally love it. I love to being creative, it’s fun figuring out what works and what does not work. For me at least, I get a sense of pride from accomplishing things.

Since I am the maker and baker of my website, I decided that I needed to learn SEO-why it was important, and that’s what I did. Each page, picture, blog post, or whatever it is on my site, will have keywords/tags attached to them. This makes my pages, images, and so on more searchable/reachable on the internet. SEO helps my website, what’s the word (compete) with other sites on the web.

I have finally gotten used to working with my website editor, (by trial and error). I am in the process now of tagging keywords to all the information listed on my site, as well as the site pages themselves. Not just any keywords; I am using keywords to describe correctly, what I do and what my pages are about. Wix website editor will walk you through the process and also explain the importance of using SEO. is a great resource as well to use, go to that site and learn all you can.

Moz offers a beginners guide to SEO, I would suggest that you download it, read it, and take notes. “Understanding both the abilities and limitations of search engines allows you to properly build, format, and annotate your web content in a way that search engines can digest. Without SEO, a website can be invisible to search engines”

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