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*All Things Happen for a Reason*

Growing up I’ve always heard that all things happen for a reason. Yesterday I participated in a reading, and creative writing group, at Warren Memorial Library in Warrenton North Carolina. Had I not written my young adult book (My Motivation), I don’t believe I would have been there. My purpose for going to that group meeting, was to learn from other authors, writers, publishers, and readers who participated in the group.

What I took away from the meeting, was drive, determination, hard work, and creative thinking. Drive came from the two T’s as I called them yesterday, Toya, and Tiffany. Both of these writers have a story to tell, they showed how dedicated and motivated they were to getting their stories out to the world. Determination came in the form of the writers, who have a desire to write children’s books. “Because they want society to know and understand that Black children do read.”

Hard work and creative thinking flowed; I watched and listened to the awesome minds of professionals, doctors, retired editors, and publishers. It’s true what they say, there is a story out there for everyone. I‘ve heard that before; however, learned that yesterday! I thank Cheryl Reddish, Warren County Memorials Librarian for the opportunity and invitation to attend this dynamic session. I’m glad that I made the drive from Richmond, Virginia to North Carolina for this. It was worth it; I am dedicated more than ever to becoming that good/great writer. That meeting reaffirmed my jump into the world of action, fantasy, fiction, romance, true story, and life.

All things happen for a reason!

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